Scott Seo, M.D., Ph.D.

Eye Surgeon & Physician

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

and Cataract Surgery

Fairfield Ophthalmology

Old location:
1300 Post Road
Fairfield, CT  


F 203.254.8051

We moved
to our Bridgeport


Our location:

Merritt Medical Center
3715 Main Street #309
Bridgeport, CT 06606
Ph 203.372.4211
Fax 203.372.4142


Wheelchair-accessible eye exams

      wheelchair eye exam room            wheelchair eye exam room


Transferring from wheelchairs carries a higher risk of potentially disabling falls.

We have installed a special chair glide that allows the examination chair to slide back, so that patients can remain seated in their wheelchairs and thereby reduce the risk of falls.

In addition, we installed a special wall mirror for vision chart testing to accomodate the height of a wheelchair.